Future of Security with Modern Informatics

Pages: 100

Language: English

Published on: Jun 4, 2019

Publisher: Idea Publishing

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Informatics is the general study, analysis, and application of structures, systems, and operations of engineered computation systems.  With  the  current  increase in  technological advancement,  informatics  have become critical  aspects  on modern security. As outlined by Wang, Chau and Chen (2017) the increased use of reliance on informatics increases the risks and thus calling for enhanced security systems. As such, the future of security with the increased adoption of informatics is both an aspect of security risks created by informatics and their simultaneous ability to enhance security protocols. The paper reviews the  growth  of  informatics in  different  industries and their underlying impacts on the related security. Using grounded research and quantitative data analysis, the research investigates the future of security with the current adoption of informatics. The review indicated that, even as informatics increase the risk of security breach, they also create wider security solutions to security breaches. As such, in the future, with well-mapped out development of security applications, government, firms, and individuals will progressively enhance their security systems to cover the risks created by development of technology and mostly informatics. Oberweis,  Sure-Vetter  and  Thoma  (2017) agrees that, ‘It is only trough constant development of security systems, that we can enjoy both the technological development without enduring the associated risks of the same innovations.