Current Technologies Employed in e-Commerce Customer Service by Leading Players

Pages: 114

Language: English

Published on: Mar 25, 2020

Publisher: Idea Publishing

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E-commerce customer service technologies adopted by businesses help them present their customers with the information they want quickly, take responsibility for their actions, communicate specific solutions to customers, and maintain their competitive edge. Evidently, different e-commerce customer technologies have different strengths and deficiencies. Principally, this book zeroes in on the strengths and downsides of the e-commerce customer service technologies used by Adidas, Standard Bank, and Coca-Cola currently, comparing the technologies critically. They use the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Acquire, and Get Satisfaction e-commerce customer service technologies respectively. If a business is required to adopt Get Satisfaction, Acquire, or Salesforce Commerce Cloud as its e-commerce customer technology, it should consider each of the options’ capabilities and deficiencies. Get Satisfaction and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, unlike Acquire, enable businesses build online customer communities. Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Acquire, unlike Get Satisfaction have analytics capabilities, which are rather important to support organizations, including businesses that offer customer support. Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Acquire, unlike Get Satisfaction, help businesses offer consistent customer experiences over varied channels – one of the most critical differentiating factor for retail businesses presently is shopping experience. Acquire and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, unlike Get Satisfaction, assist businesses in integrating customer data.