BREXIT – and Its Impact On India’s Export Business

Pages: 212

Language: English

Published on: May 13, 2020

Publisher: Idea Publishing

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Brexit will lead to fundamental changes in the trade relations between the UK and other nations. It would pose a challenge to countries such as India that use the UK as a gateway into the EU. The loss of the Single Market would also pose a challenge to the UK and the EU. It is too early to tell how the economic rivalry between the UK and the EU will play out in the long run. Developing economies that depended on the EU are bound to be affected by the rivalry. India is one of the countries that would be affected by the economic rivalry. The paper uses a review method to determine the impact of Brexit on Indian companies both at the local and international level. It undertakes a review of some of the largest companies in India. These companies operate in industries that are bound to be affected by Brexit. Therefore, an analysis of the impact of Brexit on these companies would depict the impact of Brexit on India as a case study. The results of the paper show that India would have a positive net effect from Brexit regardless of the fact that Brexit may lead to losses in trade between the UK and India. As India is the source of FDI of the UK, Brexit would result in making other countries in the EU attractive destinations of the FDI. To avoid losing out, the UK would try harder to ensure that more capital comes from India. The UK may do this by wooing Indian companies to ensure they invest in the UK It may provide tax breaks and other incentives. Nevertheless, it is vital for India to form stronger ties with the EU since the UK has been India’s gateway to the EU. This will provide India with a wider access to the EU market. Loss of subsidies for EU students to study in the UK would necessitate the country to look for an alternative source of students. India is one of the markets that the UK would explore in the aftermath of Brexit.